Can Dogs Eat Human Food?

We are all guilty at some point of giving our dogs a little something off of our plates. But are we doing harm by feeding our dog ‘human’ food? There are certain foods that we can be given to dog but there is also certain food that definitely should not be given. At no point should human food be the main sustenance of a dogs diet. 

Can Dogs Eat Cheese?

Yes and No. Your dogs cannot live on a diet of just cheese. The first reason is that you cannot afford to feed your dog only cheese, but also they need nutrients and minerals that are not available in cheese. It is ok to give Cheese to your dog as a snack or a treat, provided your dog is not allergic. When you give your dog cheese for the first time, it is suggested to give a small quantity and monitor your dog for the next 24 hours for any reaction they have to the cheese.


Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

NO. Grapes are highly toxic to dogs. Eating just 1 grape can be fatal to a dog. As Raisins are dried grapes, they are also a Big NO for dogs. It is not known why grapes are so bad for dogs. The main cause of death after ingesting grapes is kidney failure.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

NO, chocolate is toxic to dogs. Cacao(main ingredient in chocolate) contains a chemical called Theobrmine which is poisonous to dogs. Small amounts of choclate should only give a dog an upset stomach with larger amounts becoming more serious. It is best to keep all chocolate away from dogs.

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