Hill’s Dog Food Review


*all company information, stats and facts have been taken from www.hillspet.co.za


Hills Pet Nutrition is an established name in the South African Market.

We will take a look at the history of the company, what the company stands for, with a specific focus on the Hills DOG Food part of their business. Learn what their philosophy is regarding the welfare of your pet and what drives to make dog food.


Who is Hill’s and why do they make Dog Food?

Hill’s mission is “To help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets.” This statement is most likely what you would expect to hear from most dog food companies. A statement like this could be easily mistaken as a marketing ploy unless it is backed up by producing a highly nutritious kibble that allows your pet to live a long happy life.

They do not want to be associated with cheaper, entry level dog food brands. Hill’s Dog Food wants to be the known as the leader in premium pet nutrition across the world as well as being recognised as a global leader in nutritional health care for Pets.

The Hill’s brand is synonymous with quality and safety. They have identified 4 factors that they make no compromise on:

Product Development

Over 200 veterinarians, food scientists, nutritionists and technicians are responsible for the development of their kibble. No expense is spared to ensure the needs of your pets are met.


They don’t just use the best ingredients. Hill’s ensures that the facilities from where their ingredients are sources meet strict quality standards.

Manufacturing Process

Compliance with Good Manufacturing Processes to ensure all food is manufactured in pristine conditions.

The Finished Product

Quality control checks are performed a=on all finished goods to ensure the safety of the food and that all key ingredients are present.

Does Hill’s cater for your dog?

Hill’s has 2 ranges of Dog Food; namely the ‘Hill’s Prescription Diet’ and the ‘Hill’s Science Plan’. Intense research has gone into the creation of each of these brands. Hill’s has formulated each of the brands to cater for the two specific ‘types’ of dogs that they believe are necessary to tailor their food to their specific needs, namely the age and breed of dogs.

They have broken up these 2 categories as follows:


  • Puppy
  • Adult 1-7 years old
  • Mature 7+ years old


  • Mini
  • Medium
  • Large

Hill’s Prescription Diet

The Hill’s Prescription Diet was developed to cater for dogs with specific medical needs that are prevalent in canines. The medical conditions that this brand caters for are as follows; Metabolic (weight management); Digestive/weight/diabetes management; Joint Care; Metabolic + Mobility; Food Sensitivities; Dental Care; Derm Defence; Digestive Care; Urinary Care; Liver Care; Kidney Care.


Due to the fact that the Prscription Diet was formulated for specific medical conditions, it is only available through your local veterinarion.

Hills Science Plan

The Science plan is Hills ‘retail’ brand. Unlike the Prescription Diet that it only available at veterinarian, the Science Plan is available at veterinarians as well as authorised online retailers.


It was developed specifically to meet the health need of your dog through each if its stages of life – puppy, adult and senor. Through scientific formulation and lots of testing(animal friendly), this brand delivers everything your dog needs in a great tasting kibble.

Why Hills?

They have been making dog food since 1951.

They have a 73 hectare Pet Nutrition Centre that houses roughly 450 dogs. All food is tested at this centre, from analysing ingredients to testing the kibble is the correct density and consistency for your dog. (Disclaimer – dogs are nor caged and all testing in non-invasive)

Over 200 veterinarians and pet food specialists are responsible for developing Hill’s products.

Stringent quality controls are followed to ensure the consistent, quality finished products to meet the medical and dietary needs of your furry friend.

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