Montego Classic Dog Food Review


Product: Montego Classic
Price: Adult R449 – 25kg bag (R17.96/kg)
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Bag sizes: 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg
Range: Puppy, Adult, Senior

Montego Classic Dog Food Overview

Montego Classic Dog Food has fast become known as one of the more affordable dog food on the South African. For what is deemed as an entry level price, you will get a balanced, nutritious and highly digestible kibble for your dog.

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For all shapes and sizes

Montego Classic has specific ranges for puppies, adult dogs and older dogs. They have the following ranges:

Small breed puppy


Large breed puppy






Each of these ranges are suitable for all breeds of dogs. Bags of dog food are available in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 25kg bags.

Analysis of each bite

It is important the the needs of your dog is provided for by the food they eat as this is the only source for them to get the nutrients, energy and fat that they need to thrive in life.

A typlical bite of Montego Dog Food includes:

  • Protein – 22%
  • Fat – 10%
  • Carbohydrates – 35%


Corn, pork meal, wheat bran, chicken meal, rice, animal fat, vegetable oils, salt, minerals (Potassium Chloride 2.5g, Zinc Hydroxychloride 75mg, Copper Chloride 2mg, Potassium Iodide 1.5g and Sodium Selenite 0.05mg.) and vitamins (Vitamin A 12 500 IU, Vitamin D3 1 250 IU, Vitamin E100 IU, Vitamin C 50 IU)

Corn – Corn is not just filler used in dog food. It does have nutritious value and is easily digestible, provided the corn is not in its original form as a whole grain. Corn is not the first choice to use as a base in dog food kibble. However it is an acceptable base to use that provides a suitable quality product at a an affrodable cost to the consumer.

Pork Meal – The name may have a negative connotation to it but it is a healthy protein additive to dog kibble. It is not pure pork meat. Rather it is a mix of left over pork products from the abattoir that are not edible for humans. All hhese by products are cooked together, dried or dehydrated, and then processed into a dry powder that is added to the kibble in the manufacturing process. Typically it contains 300% more protein than pork meat.

Wheat Bran – This is a good source of fiber for dogs and a welcome addition to dog food. It helps keep your dog regular – aka it helps your dog poop. It is the outer layer of grain that is removed during processing of wheat.

Chicken Mea– Chicken meal iis different from ‘Real Chicken’. Real chicken is freash chicken skin and meat. Chicken meal includes chicken by products. It can include skin, meat, intestines and bone that are cooked, dried and groung into a powder. Chicken Meal is typically up to 300% more protein by volume than real chicken.

Animal Fat –  This is a by product of the rendering process, the same or similar process in creating meat meals. Animal fat is a broad term that does not state what type of animal was used. It could come from a range of animals and/or animal by products.

We will not breakdown any of the ingredients further down the list as they make up such a small part of the kibble that is highly unlikely to have an effect on the overall product.

It is worth noting that Montego Classic does not contain any soya or artificial colours and flavours.


Where can you buy Montego Classic?

Montego is available at selected pet food stores and retailers in all mojor cities across South Africa.

You can also buy it online at, where you will receive up to R100 discount on your first order. You will also receive a further discounts if you setup a scheduled order.

In summary

Montego classic is a good quality dog food at a competetive price.

12 thoughts on “Montego Classic Dog Food Review”

  1. Great Informative Article 🙂 – Looking forward to the next one and if you can please write an article about Pomeranians Puppies too 🙂 🙂

  2. After the mould recall, I bought a new 25kg bag. I had to. Return it as this was also mouldy. The new bag looked fine but smelled stronger. Now 3 weeks later, my dog has been suffering with terrible eyes that look poisoned. 4 trips to the vet and no change so been referred to a specialist vet coming Wednesday. The thought just occurred to me that maybe this Montego is poisoning my boy. Am going to buy different food tomorrow and see….. Worrying

    1. Hi Dean. I am sorry to hear about the further health issues with your dog after the initial mould recall. Please keep us updated on how the new food goes(and which food you go with).
      Also, feel free to contact Montego directly with your new problems. From my experience they place a lot of value on both positive and negative feedback. You can contact them on 049 891 0825 or
      Cheers, Ryan

    2. Update. After various vet visits and changing the food, it has been confirmed that the food was fine. Am very relieved it wasn’t the food. It just happened to coincide with the recall.

      1. Hi Dean
        Thanks for coming back to us with your feedback. We are glad to hear that it was not the food and also that you have got to the bottom of the issue.
        We hope your dog is healthy and barking again!

  3. Is Montego safe for my Whippet puppy. His tummy is runny and I am concerned that the Montego might not be up to scratch .

    Concerned whippet mom

  4. Baie ongelukkig met Montego Classic, ek gebruik julle produk al van dit op die mark gekom het maar vanaf 2019 ondervind ek dat my honde siek raak as hulle montego eet. Ek het oorgeskakel na optimizer premium vir 2 maande en my honde het nie siek geword nie, toe koop ek Junie 2020 weer Clasic en my honde word weer siek, mae wat werk en braking. Jammer maar Jul het ‘n lojale klient verloor agv swak kwaliteit en ek het amper my honde kinders verloor.

  5. Has your recipes changed ?
    My dogs seem to get hungry quicker lately and don’t seem to be happy with your recommended amounts any longer.

  6. Our Pitbull, weight 26kgs. Developed diabetis. What we would like to feed her low carb sugar free diet. She has been placed on insulin 2x daily. To buy diabetic dog pellets from the vet is not a sustainable project. We are happy to make her home cooked, from chicken and other protien. She can not live on protien alone. So we need some sort of vegetable, like pumpkin, green beans, cabbage, But we have no idea as to what veggies can be consumed by dogs with out causing loose stools, or constipation. Do you have a suitable product for her. Thank you. Beryl Brink. 0846527953

    1. Hi Beryl

      We are not specialists in dietary requirements for dogs. We recommend contacting your local dog food store as they may have a more affordable range of sugar free food.

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